Yogurt is milk that turned into a semi-solid substance through fermentation. All yogurts went through the process of fermentation where these 2 specific live cultures are present : Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles.
No. Although the yogurt was made with live microoganisms or cultues, each cup does not contain any live microorganism because it went through another high technology process called pasteurization. This makes the shelf life stable, preserves the nutrients and taste of the yogurt and most of all makes the yogurt completely safe for all especially for pregnant women and those with sensitive stomachs.
Yogurt is universally known as a “super food” as it has multiple benefits. Some of the benefits of Pascual yogurt includes: Zinc - Builds Immunity Protein - Aids in muscle development Calcium - helps maintain bone and teeth health These vitamins and minerals allows for a delightful boost of energy for the day.
There is no need to cold store Pascual because the packaging keeps the product in good quality even when not refrigerated. It is advised though to store products in a clean and dry area that has the temperature at 35°C or lower.
Pascual Yogurt stays fresh in taste, quality and nutrition for 210 days of 7 months from that day that it was made.
All Pascual products are imported and manufactured in Spain by Calidad Pascual.
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